Why we have a PTO

Our PTO is an organization made up of parents, teachers, and community leaders who have an interest in the well-being of children and youth in our school and community.


Every student is valuable!  Our PTO provides a way to support students, teachers, and staff day-to-day in meaningful ways.  By joining the Forest Hill Elementary PTO, you become part of the impact for our students and community. 


Do I have to volunteer or attend meetings?  

No. Volunteering and meetings are optional. (Out-of-state members would find this impossible anyway.) But if you CAN help from time to time, you'll set a fine example for our students.


Any human, regardless of where you live, can join FHES PTO.  Parents, students, grandparents, business owners, friends, etc.   (Businesses cannot, although business owners can.) Memberships are good for the current school year (Aug 1-June 30). 




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Contact Membership with any questions.