Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


Exec committee

President Joni Hester foresthillelementarypto@gmail.com

VP of Communications - Sarah Acuff fhescommunications@googlegroups.com


VP of Events - Katie Norrid fhespto.events@gmail.com

VP of Fundraising - Megan Hubbard fhespto.fundraising@gmail.com


VP of Hospitality - Courtney Butler fhespto.hospitality@gmail.com

VP of Volunteers / PE - Anna Moore fhespto.volunteers@gmail.com

SecretaryBre Lacey

TreasurerMichelle Glazer 

ParliamentarianJennifer Trottman



Communications - fhescommunications@googlegroups.com

Graphics - Christen Abernathy & Jenna Bracone

Newsletter - Miriam Fruitt

Social Media - Jenna Kasser

Website - Cris Williams

Events - fhespto.events@gmail.com

Basketball - Matt Mitchell

Father/Daughter Event - Kamille Martin

Grandparents' Event - Anna Fagala

Mother/Son Event - Brittany Sims

Foxtail Fling - Katie Sauer & Liza Easley

Father/Son - Rowan Bahhur

Mother/Daughter Event - Erica Miller

Decorations - Sally Gillum

Fundraising - fhespto.fundraising@gmail.com

Auction - Courtney Browning

Fall Fundraiser - Carmen Leister

Fund Development - Rachel Young

Membership - Lisa Garten

Spring Fundraiser - Kristin Budzak

Spirit Items - Stacy Norske

Hospitality - fhes.hospitality@gmail.com

Care & Compassion - Isa Qazi

Celebrations - Lindsay Overby & Ashley Smalley

New Families - Sarah Horrell

Teacher Appreciation - Tonya Todd & Brooke Kellenberger

Teacher Eats - Leah Hubbard

Teacher Treats - Lia Savino

Volunteers - fhespto.volunteers@gmail.com

Fathers of Forest Hill - Nick Tolley

Field Day - Jennifer Ventre

Book Fair - Abigail Cook

Fine Arts - Stacy Norske

Friend of Flash - OPEN


Room Parents - Yemi Emereuwaonu


Assistant Treasurer - Alexandria Johnson

Administration - foresthillelementarypto@gmail.com

Teacher Representative - 

Past President - Kari Armstrong

School Principal - Zach Percoski

Assistant Principal - Christy Bennett

Assistant Principal - Ellie Talley



Interested in open board positions? Contact us!